Klipsch Surround Speakers for Klipsch Bar 48 Sound Bar (SURROUND3) pair

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Klipsch's Bar 48 delivers impressive 3.1-channel sound on its own. But there is just no substitute for the truly enveloping surround sound you get by adding a pair of rear speakers. And these Surround 3 speakers can deliver that with minimal hassle and clutter.

They include a wireless transmitter that you simply slot into the Bar 48 right behind its removable wooden end cap. Each speaker has its own power cord which makes it easy to grab power from the most convenient outlet. 

Product highlights:

  • wireless surround speakers designed for Klipsch Bar 48
  • one 3" full-range driver per speaker
  • connect wirelessly to sound bar for flexible placement
    • range: 30 feet
  • included pre-paired wireless transmitter syncs surround speakers to your Bar 48
  • threaded inserts allow mounting to wall or speaker stands
  • sealed enclosure is made of high-quality wood
  • includes a power cord for each speaker
  • 4-1/4"W x 6-5/8"H x 4-3/8"D (each)
  • warranty: 3 years for drivers and cabinets, 1 year for electronics

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