LG 75” QNED85 4K QNED TV w/ ThinQ AI Smart TV (75QNED85UQA) Open Box


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The latest in TV colour technology and MiniLED backlighting for a fully loaded, versatile LG LED TV.

• α7 Gen 5 AI Processor 4K
• Quantum Dot NanoCell Colour Technology
• MiniLED Backlighting
• Precision Dimming
• Home Cinema (Dolby Vision/Dolby Atmos/Filmmaker Mode)

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Typo-motion of QNED and NanoCell overlap and explode into colour powder. LG QNED miniLED logo appears on TV.
Quantum Dot meets NanoCell

See Pure Colours Even Richer

Experience colour that's out of this world with the combined power of Quantum Dot and NanoCell.
Mini LEDs

Mini lights, mega contrast

Thousands of tiny backlights fill the screen delivering sharp, bright images with incredible detail.
Mini LED lights inside TV light up and fill in entire TV monitor and turns into very colourful flower on TV in the end.
*QNED99/95/90/85 feature MiniLEDs.
*The number of MiniLED blocks is based on the 86” QNED99 model.
*MiniLED size was calculated using LG's internal measurement standards.
There are two TV screens – one on left another on right. There are same images of a beautiful bunch of colourful flowers on black background on both TV. An image on left is a bit pale while an image on right is very vivid. There is a processor chip image on left bottom corner of a TV on right image.

Precision Dimming &
Ultra Contrast

LG QNED's smart dimming technology uses deep-learning algorithms to map and send object information to individual dimming blocks to create sharper, more natural images while minimizing halo effect.
*QNED85 features Precision Dimming.
*QNED99/95/90/85 feature Ultra Contrast.
*Images are simulated to enhance feature understanding.

100% Colour Volume

LG QNED's certified colour reproduction technology delivers rich colours that remain vivid and accurate even at high brightness levels.
A very colourful digital paint image is divided into two sector – on left is a less vivid image and on right is a more vivid image. On left bottom the text says 70% colour volume and on right says 100% colour volume.
There are two RGB colour distribution graph in triangular pole shape. One on left is 70% colour volume and one on right is 100% colour volume that is fully distributed. The text between the two graphs says Bright and Dark. There is a Intertek certified logo right below.
*QNED99/95/90/85 feature 100% Colour Volume.
*Display Colour Gamut Volume (CGV) is equivalent to or exceeds the CGV of the DCI-P3 colour space as verified independently by Intertek.
*70% Colour Volume refers to LG UHD TVs without NanoCell Technology.
*Images are simulated to enhance feature understanding.

100% Colour Consistency

Thanks to the TV's advanced colour technology, colours can be seen without distortion even when viewed from wide angles.
On left side, there is a front view of QNED screen and there are jumble of rainbow coloured balloons on screen. Text says “Front” on top of TV. A middle part of screen is highlighted in separate circular area. On right side, there is a side view of QNED screen and there are jumble of rainbow coloured balloons on screen. Text says “plus, minus 30 degree view” on top of TV. A middle part of screen is highlighted in separate circular area.
*QNED 99/95/90 feature 100% Colour Consistency.
*Certified by Intertek that 100% Colour Consistency measured to CIE DE2000 by 18 colour Macbeth patterns with viewing angle ±30°.
*All models supporting 100% Colour Consistency have been certified by Intertek.
*Images are simulated to enhance feature understanding.
Camera moves from a close-up of top of TV down to a close-up of front of TV. TV screen shows green aurora. Camera zooms out to show very wide living room area. The living room is gray overall and there shows a forest through window outside.
Ultra-large Screen

When we said big,
we meant it

Take your viewing to the next level with vibrant
QNED colour in stunning 4K on an ultra-large screen.
A blue neon circuit moves around on blue glacier image. The camera zooms out and shows this blue glacier within TV screen. The TV is placed in a wide living room with blue background.
α7 Gen5 AI Processor

We're fine-tuning your viewing experience

The α7 Gen5 AI Processor uses deep-learning algorithms to offer an enhanced viewing experience.

AI Picture Pro

The perfect picture is closer than ever with AI Picture Pro. The upgraded AI 4K Upscaling and AI Tone Mapping enhance contrast and resolution for optimal detail, while Fore/Background Effect Enhancement and Dynamic Vivid maximize depth of field and colour expression for outstandingly lifelike images.
*AI Picture Pro will not work with any copyright-protected content on OTT services.
*QNED99/95 feature AI 8K Upscaling.
*QNED90/85/80 feature AI 4K Upscaling.
*Images are simulated to enhance feature understanding.
*Conventional refers to LG UHD TVs without NanoCell Technology.

AI Sound Pro

Using deep-learning from audio data points, the processor recognizes voices, audio effects, and audio frequencies, allowing it to optimize sound based on the type of content you're watching for more immersive, spatial sound.
*QNED99/95 feature α9 Gen5 AI Processor and virtual surround 7.1.2 up-mix.
*QNED90/85/80 feature α7 Gen5 AI Processor and virtual surround 5.1.2 up-mix.

Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro

Multi-tone mapping intelligently analyzes each area of the frame to enhance contrast and increase the level of detail you see in real-time.
There is a image of inside of blue dark cave and there is a processor chip image on right bottom corner. There is a same visual of blue dark cave right below but a more pale version.
*QNED99/95 feature Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro.
*QNED90/85/80 feature Dynamic Tone Mapping.
*Images are simulated to enhance feature understanding.
There shows a list of graphic UIs of LG QNED home screen scrolling down. Scene changes to show TV placed in yellow living room.
ThinQ AI & WebOS

Smart has never
been this simple

See how convenient TV can be with personalized alerts, recommendations, smart assistants, and more.
*Service availability may differ by region or country.
*Separate subscriptions required for OTT services.

Smart Assistant & Connectivity

Support for Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple AirPlay, HomeKit, and many more make controlling your TV and connected devices quicker and more convenient than before.
There are four logos displaced in order – Hey Google, alexa built-in, Works with Apple AirPlay, Works with Apple HomeKit.
*Google is a trademark of Google LLC.
*Google Assistant is not available in certain languages and countries.
*Apple, the Apple logo, Apple TV, AirPlay and HomeKit are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
*Supported menus and apps may vary by country.
*Voice Command availability may vary by products and countries.
*Menus displayed may be different upon release.
*Support for AirPlay 2 and HomeKit may vary by region.
*QNED99/95/90 features hands-free voice control.

Sports Alert

Don't miss out on the latest news from your favourite teams and leagues, even when watching other content with real-time updates and reminders for all the big games.
There are Sports Alert graphic UI showing two sports team logos (Jungle King and Dragon) and the two buttons on the right that says “Watch” and “No Alert”. The tagline says "This is the score for the current sports channel".
*Supported sports and leagues may differ by country.
*Service availability may differ by region or country.

Room-to-Room Sharing

Start a movie in the living room, finish it in the bedroom with Room-to-Room sharing. Content can be freely moved across connected TVs throughout your home for an uninterrupted experience.
*Main TV (Content Sending): 2022 TV based on α9 Gen5 AI Processor (QNED99/95) (Available from the first half of 2022).
*Sub TV (Content Receiving): 2022 models (Available from the first half of 2022).
*Only TVs connected to the same WiFi AP can be synced.
*Support for Room-to-Room Sharing may vary by country.
*Images are simulated to enhance feature understanding.
A woman is looking at a purple sky. Her hair is slightly shaking.
True Cinema

Performance that steals
the show

Enjoy a breathtakingly cinematic experience from the comfort of your own home with LG QNED.

Dolby Vision IQ, Dolby Atmos, & HDR 10 Pro

The latest Dolby solutions bring you upgraded picture and sound across an even wider range of content while HDR10 Pro automatically improves contrast for greater clarity even in regular HDR content.
QNED TV screen shows a rapeseed pink flowers on summer field and the text in the middle says Dolby OFF. The inscreen image becomes brighter and the text changes to dolby on. Below, there is another QNED TV and there is a old man looking mad on screen. An image on TV screen is divided into two part. On left half of image appears to be dull and less vibrant colour, while on the right half of image looks more vibrant with more colours. On left top corner says ‘conventional’, on right top corner says ‘HDR 10 PRO’.
*QNED99/95/90/85 feature Dolby Vision IQ & Doby Atmos.
*Images are simulated to enhance feature understanding.
*Conventional refers to LG UHD TVs without NanoCell Technology.


View movies exactly as the director intended with FILMMAKER MODE™. The mode preserves the original colours, settings, and frame rates to bring the director's original vision to you.
A movie director is looking at a big TV monitor, editing something. The TV screen shows a tower crane in purple sky. FILMMAKER Mode logo is placed on bottom right corner.
*Support for FILMMAKER Mode may vary by country.
An image of a robot in red lighting. It blinks eyes slowly.
Advanced Gaming

So much more
power to play with

Upgrade your gaming setup with a next-level TV designed for ultimate next-gen gaming.

Game Optimizer & Dashboard

Game Optimizer keeps all of your gaming settings in one easy-to-use menu while the new Gaming Dashboard gives you quick access to your current settings.
An image of a Game dashboard – its palette shows icons of game status, dark mode, App on App, Game optimizer, all settings, and user guide.
*Availability of software updates may vary depending on model and region.
*Items in the Game Optimizer menu may vary by series.


LG is partnered with some of the biggest names in the gaming industry to bring you the latest HDR games with utmost realism and immersion.
An image shows a woman holding a gun, wearing a full-covered face mask. A left half of image is pale with less colour, and right half of image is relatively more colourful.
*HGiG is a volunteer group of companies from the game and TV display industries that meet to specify and make available for the public guidelines to improve consumer gaming experiences in HDR.
*Support for HGiG may vary by country.
*Images are simulated to enhance feature understanding.

4K 120Hz, ALLM, eARC, & VRR

Take gaming to the next level with support for Dolby Vision® HDR at 4K 120Hz, and VRR, ALLM, and eARC at the latest HDMI 2.1 specifications, to reduce motion blur and ghosting and deliver smooth, synchronized graphics in high resolution.
There is a red fighter plane and an image is divided into two – left half of image seems less colourful and slightly darker while right half of image is brighter and more colourful. On left top corner of image says Conventional and on right top corner is LG QNED Logo.
*QNED99/90/85/80 feature 4K 120Hz and VRR.
*Conventional refers to LG UHD TVs without NanoCell Technology.
*Images are simulated to enhance feature understanding.
There are three TVs displayed. In the middle, the screen shows two logos placed in diagonal – logo of NVIDIA GeFORCE NOW and logo of STADIA. On left TV shows Splitgate and on right TV shows Cyberpunk 2077.

Cloud Gaming

LG QNED brings thousands of new games to you with Google Stadia and GEFORCE Now built-in.
*Supported partnerships may differ by country.
*Game Dashboard & Optimizer on cloud gaming will be available from the second half of 2022.

AMD FreeSync Premium

Enjoy fast-paced gameplay with minimal tearing, stuttering, and input lag thanks to support for AMD FreeSync Premium on LG QNED.
There are two TVs – on the left shows a car racing game scene with a racing car. On the right also shows the same game scene but in a brighter and clearer picture display. On right top corner shows AMD FreeSync premium logo.
*QNED99/90/85/80 feature AMD FreeSync™ Premium.
*Images are simulated to enhance feature understanding.
There are logos of streaming service platforms and matching footages right next to each logo. Netflix logo and money heist and the Witcher. Disney logo and Boba Fett. Stadia logo and Journey to the Savage Planet and The Legend of Heroes : Trails of Cold Steel III. Prime Video logo and Without Remorse and The Wheel of Time. Livenow logo and mamamoo teaser image and OneUs teaser image. NVIDIA Geforce Now logo and gameplay images of Cyberpunk 2077 and Splitgate. 1 Million logo and two images of girl dancing. Apple TV plus logo and Foundation and Finch.

Home to all your favourite streams

Easily enjoy content from the biggest streaming platforms directly on LG QNED.
*Netflix streaming membership required.
*Content and app availability may vary by country or region. Separate subscription required for Disney+. (c) 2022 Disney and its related entities.
*Apple, the Apple logo, and Apple TV are trademarks of Apple Inc, registered in the U.S. and other countries.
*Apple TV+ and/or select content may not be available in all regions.
*Apple TV+ requires a subscription.
*Amazon, Prime Video and all related logos are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. Amazon Prime membership and/or Prime Video fees apply. See primevideo.com/terms for details.
*Supported services may differ by country.
A QNED packaging box is placed on pink, green background and there is grass growing and butterflies coming out from its inside.

Eco Packaging

Just one more thing
to love about QNED

LG QNED's packaging has been redesigned using single colour printing and a recyclable box.
*Content on box may vary by model or country.

Hear everything you watch at its best

Pair your LG TV with a matching LG Soundbar. Thanks to TV Sound Mode Share, you can enjoy immersive surround sound that's optimized for any genre.

There is an image of 'Alpha 9 Chip' on the TV and a sound bar just below it. And on TV, the screen of the soccer stadium, the woman walking on the sunset beach, and the concert hall are shown one after another, and on the sound bar, the sound wave effect and color change according to the screen.

TV and sound in perfect harmony

LG Soundbars are specifically designed to match your LG TV with their sleek, modern form, for a TV and audio pair that looks as good as it sounds.

The edge of the soundbar is subtly visible below the TV screen with the night view of the road.

One remote controls them all

Say goodbye to clutter and lost remotes with the LG TV remote—it not only controls your TV but also control your connected LG Soundbar.

TV in a room with subtle lights shows images of elephants passing by. And there is a sound effect on the sound bar under the TV. At the bottom of the image, there is a TV remote control, and the sound bar and the icon of the TV are connected to the left and right of the remote control.
*TV Sound Mode Share may vary by TV models.
*TV AI Processor version varies by TV models.
*Sound Bar Mode Control may vary by sound bar models.
*LG TV Remote usage is limited to certain features only.

Best Matching Sound Bar for Your LG QNED

Diagonal view of LG Sound Bar S95QR Sound Bar set.


Meridian, High-Resolution Audio, 9.1.5ch Dolby Atmos & DTS:X


Display Type 4K QNED
Screen Size 75"
Display Resolution 3840 x 2160
Dimming Technology Precision Dimming
Backlight Type Mini LED
IPS Panel Multi


Picture Processor α7 Gen5 Processor 4K
Refresh Rate Refresh Rate 120Hz
HDR (High Dynamic Range) Active HDR (HDR10, HLG) Dynamic Tone Mapping Dolby Vision™ IQ
Dynamic Tone Mapping
Colour Billion Rich Colours
Resolution Upscaler AI Upscaling
Motion Motion Pro
Filmmaker Mode™ Yes


Game Optimizer Yes
FreeSync™ Yes
VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) Yes
ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) Yes
4K@120FPS Yes
HGiG Yes


LG ThinQ® AI Yes
Google Home Compatibility (Google Home device sold separately) Yes
Amazon Alexa Compatibility (Amazon Alexa device sold separately) Yes
Google Assistant Built-in Yes
Amazon Alexa Built-in Yes
Apple Airplay 2 / HomeKit Compatibility Yes
Intelligent Voice Recognition Yes
Home Dashboard Yes
AI Picture Pro / AI Picture AI Picture Pro
Auto Genre Selection Yes (SDR/HDR/Dolby HDR)


Operating System webOS Smart TV
LG Channels Yes
LG Content Store (App Store) Yes
Full Web Browser Yes
Room to Room Share Yes (Receive)
Art Gallery Yes
Sports Alert Yes


Speaker System 2.2 ch
Output Power 40W
Speaker Direction Down Firing
AI Sound Pro / AI Sound AI Sound Pro (Virtual 5.1.2 Up-mix)
WiSA Ready Yes
Audio Codec AC4, AC3(Dolby Digital), EAC3, HE-AAC, AAC, MP2, MP3, PCM, WMA, apt-X (Refer to manual)
Bluetooth Surround Ready Yes
LG Sound Sync Yes


Wi-Fi® Standard Wi-Fi Certified 802.11ac
Bluetooth® Support Version 5.0
HDMI-CEC (Simplink) Yes
TV Tuner ATSC1.0, Clear QAM
Mobile Screen Share Yes


HDMI Input 4 (Side)
Audio Return Channel (ARC) eARC (HDMI 3)
USB Ports (v 2.0) 1 (Rear)/1 (Side)
Ethernet Input Yes (Rear)
RS-232C Input (Mini Jack) Yes (Rear, Phone Jack Type)
Digital Audio Output (Optical) Yes (side)


Power Supply (Voltage, Hz) AC 120v 50-60Hz
Standby Power Consumption Under 0.5W


TV Dimensions without Stand (WxHxD) 1673 X 963 X 44.9 mm / 65.9" X 37.9" X 1.77"
TV Dimensions with Stand (WxHxD) 1673 X 1027 X 359 mm / 75.8" X 40.4" X 13.1"
Packaging Dimensions (WxHxD) 1820 X 1115 X 200 mm / 71.65" X 43.9" X 7.87"
Stand Dimension (WxD) Wide: 1348 X 359 mm / 53.1" X 14.1" Narrow: 525 X 359 mm / 20.7" X 14.1"
TV Weight with Stand 40.1 kg / 88.4 lbs
TV Weight without Stand 39.1 kg / 86.2 lbs
Packaging Weight 51 kg / 112.4 lbs
VESA Mounting (W x H) Standard: 400 X 400
UPC 195174029701

Accessories Included

Magic Remote Control Included in Box
Remote Control Battery Yes
Power Cable Yes
Quick Start Guide Yes
E-Manual Yes


Limited Warranty 1 Year Parts & Labour
Model Year 2022

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