LG Sound Bar SC9 3.1.3ch Perfect Matching for OLED evo C Series TV with IMAX® Enhanced and Dolby Atmos® (SC9)

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  • WOW Bracket for LG OLED C
  • WOW Orchestra for Perfect Harmonious Sound
  • Easy Control with WOW Interface
  • Dolby Atmos®*** sound bar with triple up-firing channels
  • Find your sweet spot with the upgraded Room Calibration pro****
  • Create the perfect harmony and hear synchronized audio from the LG TV and LG Sound Bar speakers*****

We extend the manufacturer’s original 1 year warranty on televisions up to a full 2 years from the date of purchase for our email subscribers!*

Email subsrciption must be maintained throughout the 2 year warranty period for coverage to apply.

*Warranty claims occurring in the 1st year of warranty are covered by the manufacturer and the 2nd year by Extreme Electronics. Bonus warranty will appear on your invoice, and you must present your invoice for service.


The Perfect Pair for
LG OLED C Series

Introducing LG Soundbar SC9S— the perfect companion for your LG OLED C series. Experience more immersive sound with a seamless design.
A design film of LG Sound Bar SC9S. Play the video.
A video clip for exclusive bracket. Play the video.
A video clip is available on the above. Below 3 gray-filtered images are shown, a bracket, stand and a wall-mount TV from the left.

Exclusive Bracket for

An Exclusive Bracket allows you to place Sound Bar in the right position so that you can hear the best sound. Both as a stand or wall-mounted, your Sound Bar creates optimal sound with a sleek design.
*Bracket compatible with LG OLED TV C2/C3 55", 65", 77".

Variously figured blue-colored sound waves are being released from Sound Bar and TV.

WOW Orchestra Creates Captivating Sound

LG Sound Bar presents perfect harmonious sound with LG TV. It uses both LG TV sound and LG Sound Bar at once for the ultimate listening experience. Feel every detail of sound.
*Compatible TVs : OLED Z3/M3/G3/C3/B3/A3/Z2/G2/C2/CS/B2/A2, QNED 99/95/90/85/80.
**Please note that service may not be available at the time of purchase. A network connection is required for the update.

Easy Control with WOW Interface

Now, convenience is in your hand. Control your Sound Bar through LG TV with one remote. With one click of the remote, you can see the Sound Bar’s menu and settings on the TV screen. Such as volume control, checking the connection status, and even selecting a sound mode.
*Compatible TVs : OLED Z3/M3/G3/C3/B3/A3/Z2/G2/C2/CS/B2/A2, QNED 99/95/90/85/80/75, NANO 80/75, UHD UR/UQ, FHD 63.
**This feature support Sound Bar's status check and change settings via TV on-screen, Volume level matching (40- 100), Sound Bar Mode Control.
***Please note that service may not be available at the time of purchase. A network connection is required for the update.
The video clip that shows LG Sound Bar SC9S can be connected to TV wirelessly is available on the right side.

Connect Wirelessly,
Enjoy Outstanding Audio

Enjoy content without any wires or distractions of sound. LG WOWCAST wirelessly connects LG Sound Bar* and LG TV to deliver high quality sound in a more convenient way. Experience the power of Dolby Atmos for a more immersive audio experience.
*Compatibility of LG Sound bar will vary by model.
**The image shown is for illustration purposes only. The actual location of cable ports may vary depending on TV products or models..
***A power cable has to be connected in order to activate the Sound Bar.

Experience Theater Quality Sound

LG Sound Bar combines with Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and IMAX Enhanced to bring theater-like sound to your living room. It surrounds you in clear and realistic sound from all sides, placing you in the center of your favorite movies for powerful, true-to-life sound with every scene.
Variously formed blue sound waves are being released from the Sound Bar and TV to all over the living room.
"*Dolby and Dolby Vision are registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation.
**The double-D symbol is a trademark of Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation.

Triple Level Spatial Sound Creates a Virtual Sound Dome

LG Sound Bar SC9S pushes the boundary of the entertainment experience. Your Sound Bar presents Triple Level Spatial Sound— a more immersive and accurate sound experience. By using an HRTF(Head Related Transfer Function) related 3D engine, your Sound Bar creates a virtual middle layer. It means that the sound layers realize sophisticated surround sound that you would only experience in theater.
Blue dome-shaped, 3 layered sound wavers are covering Sound bar and TV hung on the wall in the living room.
*’Triple Level Spatial Sound’ is available in CINEMA / AI Sound Pro Mode of Sound Bar.
**The mid-layer is created using Sound Bar’s speaker channel. The sound of the front and front-top speakers are synthesized to build a sound field.
***If there is no rear speaker, the rear field cannot be created.

Feel the Roar of the Bass

Feel stronger, deeper bass in your favorite songs and movies. The wireless subwoofer hit low notes with ease, with increased volume, and bass quality transmitted over a longer distance.
A sound bar is placed on the cabinet. Beside a wireless subwoofer placed on the floor. Blue sound graphics are coming out from the subwoofer.

Exceptional Content Experience

Connect your LG Soundbar SC9S to a console or Blu-ray player to immerse yourself in your favorite games, TV shows, and movies. Your Soundbar offers a lag-free viewing experience with the best picture and sound.

4K Pass-through Keeps
High Quality

LG Sound Bar has a 4K Pass-through. It transmits data without losing quality. So you can enjoy both stunning audio and video with minimal connections.

VRR/ALLM Enhances Game Play

LG Sound Bar is made to offer the best gaming experience with VRR/ALLM. Variable Refresh Rate(VRR) up to 120Hz. Its nearly-instantaneous response time gives you an advantage for gaming and creating a realistic viewing experience. Auto Low Latency Mode(ALLM) allows for smooth, lag-free viewing and interactivity.
*Both TV and Sound Bar must support VRR/ALLM.
**Console has to support VRR. VRR pass though limited to 60Hz content.

Enjoy HD Music Streaming Services

Play music on your Sound Bar. It is compatible with Spotify and Tidal Connect. LG Sound Bar supports MQA(Master Quality Authenticated) that delivers high quality audio over a Wi-Fi connection.
*Official MQA recording required.

Connect to the Platform You Use

LG Sound Bars have wider compatibility to work with Google, Alexa and Apple Airplay2. Control the LG Sound Bar with the platform of your choosing.
*Some features require 3rd party subscription or account.
**Google is a trademark of Google LLC.
*** The Google Assistant is not available in certain languages and countries.
****Amazon, Alexa, and all related marks are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates.

Multi-Channel Audio Experience that Exceed Expectations

With LG Sound Bar SC9S, your content sounds better than before. It divides two-channel audio into multi-channel audio, optimizing what you hear.
The sound bar is placed on gray cabinet with a TV in the living room. A black wireless subwoofer is placed on the floor on the left side and the sunlight comes in from the right side of the picture. A white and red colored long sofa is placed facing the TV and sound bar.
*Available on AI Sound Pro, Cinema, Clear Voice Pro, Sports, Game modes.

Upgraded AI Room Calibration Pro Deliver the Most Optimal Sound

LG Sound Bar considers the sound where it is in the space. With an upgraded AI Room Calibration, your Sound Bar delivers the optimal sound. By matching reference frequencies at an extended range of 400Hz, it can analyze the space precisely and correct the distortion of the sound.
The sound bar and TV are hung on the white pillar in the center of the living room. On the wooden floor right under the sound bar a black wooper stands. On the left side there are floor-to-ceiling windows with great view and white curtains. On the right side there place wooden shelves with decorations and a picture places on the floor.
*AI Room Calibration Pro is a automatic sound tuning technology that compensates for the environment the Sound Bar is placed, by using Algorithms that improve the Sound Bar’s sonic performance.

LG AI Sound Pro Optimizes Sound
for Various Contents

Enjoy your content with specialized sound modes— AI Sound Pro. It intelligently analyzes your content to deliver optimal sound whether you are watching movies, catching up on the news, or listening to music.
An animated video for illustrating sound bar's AI Sound Pro. First, it shows a video of racing car under various colored straight lights with red sound waves below is in the middle. Then the scene changed to a singer holding microphone right before the the lips in dark green background and blue to purple sound waves below for music mode is on the left. Last, a female anchor holding the microphone in front of buildings with green sound waves below is on the right.
This video shows how to install the SC9S Stand with LG OLED C2/C3. Click to watch.

Looking Forward to a Better Tomorrow

From the way we produce to how we ship, our certain process is certified. Packaging is made of recyclable cardboard boxes and reduced to only what’s needed to arrive safely.

Made With Recycled Plastic

UL has validated LG Sound Bar as ECV(Environmental Claims Validation) products because some parts of the Sound Bar body use recycled plastic— We’re taking a more considerate approach to portable Sound Bar production.
*The above image is for representative purpose.

Recycled Pulp Packaging

LG Sound Bar has been certified by SGS because the internal packaging has been changed from EPS foam(Styrofoam) and plastic bags to recycled molded pulp.
*SGS is a Swiss multinational company that provides inspection, verification, testing, and certification services.
**The above image is for representative purpose, actual image of the product may vary.


Brand Information LG Sound Bar
Model Name SC9S
Subwoofer Model Name SPS8-W
System (Main Chip) MT8532
Mainset / Subwoofer Color Black / Black


Main (w/ Foot ) 975 x 63 x 125
Matching TV size 55 ~ 65 inch
Subwoofer 221 x 390 x 313


Main - Front / Top / Bottom Metal / Mold / Mold
Subwoofer - Front / Body Jersey / Wood


Main 4.1Kg
Subwoofer 7.8Kg
Gross Weight 22.7Kg


Size (W x H x D) mm 1221 x 477 x 284
Type Flexo
Color Yellow


20ft 128
40ft (HC) 34


Number of channels 3.1.3 ch


Total 400W
Front 30W * 2
Center 30W
Top 30W * 2
Top Center 30W
Subwoofer 220W (Wireless)


SPL 83dB
System Closed
Tweeter Unit 20mm (New)
Woofer Unit 52x93mm
Impedance 6ohm


SPL 83dB
System Closed
Woofer Unit 2 inch
Impedance 6ohm


SPL 83dB
System Closed
Woofer Unit 2.3 inch
Impedance 6ohm


SPL 85dB
SPL System Closed
Tweeter Unit 20mm (New)
Impedance 6ohm


SPL 85dB
System Bass Reflex
Woofer Unit 7 inch
Impedance 3ohm


Passive Radiator (Size, Q'ty) 127x47mm, 2EA


Number of Speakers 9EA


Optical Yes(1)
HDMI In / Out Yes(1) / Yes(1)


Bluetooth Version 5.0
Bluetooth Codec - SBC / AAC Yes / Yes
Wi-Fi (2.4G / 5G) Yes
Wireless Rear Ready Yes (1:2)


Display Type Dot LED (3 EA)
LED Indicator Color Multi color


Sampling - "24bit/192kHz" / "24bit/96kHz" No / Yes
Upbit/upsampling - "24bit/192kHz" / "24bit/96kHz" No / Yes


AI Sound Pro Yes
Standard Yes
Music Yes (w/ Meridian)
Cinema Yes
Clear Voice Yes
Sports Yes
Game Yes
Bass Blast / Bass Blast + Yes
Dolby Atmos (Codec) Yes
DTS:X (Codec) Yes
IMAX Enhanced (Codec) Yes


User EQ (TRE/BAS, -5 ~ 5dB, 1dB/Step) - RCU / App Yes / Yes
Night Time On/Off - RCU / App Yes / Yes
Dynamic Rage On/Off - RCU / App No / Yes
Auto Volume Leveler On/Off - RCU / App No / Yes
Surround On/Off - RCU / App Yes / Yes
AI Room Calibration (2 MIC In) - App Yes
Soundbar Mode Control (by TV GUI) Yes
TV Sound Mode Share Yes
Wow Orchestra Yes


Pass-through Yes
Pass-through (4K) Yes
120Hz (4:2:0) Yes
HDR10 / HDR 10+ Yes / No
Dolby Vision Yes
Audio Return Channel (ARC) Yes
Audio Return Channel (e-ARC) Yes
CEC (Simplink) Yes


Works with Alexa (Controllee) Yes


Spotify Connect Yes


Tidal Connect Yes


AirPlay 2 Yes


Works with the Google Assistant (Controllee) Yes
Chromecast Yes
Google Multi Zone (One Source → Multi Speaker) Yes


Remote App - iOS / Android OS Yes / Yes
Smart Phone File Playback (Bluetooth) Yes
EZ Setup (BLE) Yes
NSU / FOTA Yes / No
Control with your TV Remote (Vol+/-, Mute) Yes / Yes
Sound Sync - Bluetooth(LG TV) / Optical No / Yes
Auto Power On/Off - Bluetooth (LGTV) / Optical No / Yes
Auto Power On/Off - RCU / APP Yes / Yes
A/V Sync (0~300ms) - RCU / APP No / Yes
Woofer Level (-15 ~ 6dB, 1dB/Step) Yes
Channel Level (-6 ~ 6dB, 1dB/Step)_Soundbar Main - Top / Center (Top) / Surround Yes / Yes / No
Channel Level (-6 ~ 6dB, 1dB/Step) Soundbar Rear - Rear_Front / Rear Surround / Rear Top Yes / No / No
Mute Yes
Auto Dimmer / Off - RCU / App No / Yes
USB Host / Charge Yes / No


Dolby Atmos Yes
Dolby TrueHD Yes
Dolby Digital Plus Yes
Dolby Digital Yes
DTS-HD Master Audio Yes
DTS-HD High Resolution Yes
DTS Digital Surround Yes
AAC / AAC+ Yes / Yes
MQA (w/ Tidal) Yes


FLAC - C4A / USB Yes / Yes
OGG - C4A / USB Yes / Yes
WAV - C4A / USB Yes / Yes
MP3 - C4A / USB Yes / Yes
AAC - C4A / USB Yes / Yes


Type Adapter (23V, 2.61A)
Power Off Consumption 0.5W ↓
Power Consumption 37W


Power Off Consumption 0.5W ↓
Power Consumption 38W
Wireless Frequency 5GHz


Web Manual (File) Yes (Full)
Built-in Manual (Book) (Simple or Full) Yes (Simple)
Wall Mount Guide Yes
Open Source - Yes (Full or Simple) / No Yes (Full)
Warranty Card Yes


Model Name RAV21
Battery (Size) AA x 2
Battery Built-in Yes


TV Synergy Bracket (Wallmount & Stand) Yes
HDMI Cable Yes

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