Mantel Mount RB100 Recess Box (MMRB100)

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This simple-to-install MantelMount MM700 Pro series add-on accessory allows you to integrate seamlessly into a custom-built wall opening. Easily fitting between standard or custom stud configurations, the RB100 provides the flushest TV-to-wall storage on the market by allowing the MantelMount center arm to now fold into the wall when the TV is in the raised position. The result is concealed mounting hardware and a 1.75 inch flush-to-wall TV storage! (For Model# MM700 Only)

  • Heavy Duty Construction (3MM Steel)
  • Enhanced Stabilization
  • *RB100 1.75" Flush-To-Wall Recess Kit
  • Built-in Sound Bar Attachment
  • Heat Sensing Pull Down Handles
  • Paintable Wall Covers
  • Adjustable Stops & Auto-Straightening
  • 29" Vertical Travel, Up to 60° Swivel

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