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MIDLAND E+Ready Compact Emergency Crank Wx Radio (ER210) - Extreme Electronics

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MIDLAND E+Ready Compact Emergency Crank Wx Radio (ER210)

This compact emergency crank radio with weather alert is perfect for both emergency preparedness and everyday use. Easily stowed anywhere, the ER210 is a convenient companion in any preparedness kit or gear bag. AM/FM radio along with NOAA weather alert channels will keep you connected no matter where you are.

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-Ideal for Emergency Preparedness, camping, beach, park and everyday use.

-Multiple sustainable power sources; Solar, Hand Crank, Rechargeable Battery.

-SOS Flashlight Beacon - Activates Morse Code for emergency assistance.

-NOAA Weather Radio with Alert - Weather alert sound issued on local channel.

-Rechargeable battery and Mini USB charging cable included.

-3 year warranty.