Plateau 54" AV Stand - Open Box (CRX-2V)

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Offering PLATEAU’s legendary high quality with premium components, these units feature high quality glass middle shelves with polished edges.  They have been built for the serious connoisseur who recognizes the importance of bringing an aesthetic touch and grand functionality to a room.  The CRX – Video Series is designed for the current generation video monitors.  The Series design makes it possible to turn all of your audio/video components into the Ultimate Furniture Design System.  Shaped 3/4” [ 19mm ] panels - supported by 2” x 2” [ 51mm x 51mm ] steel tubing, create a stand that is extremely strong and rigid.

Open Box items are items returned to the store for any reason except manufacturing defect or severe damage. It can also include display and demo models. Items may have cosmetic defects. Full warranty still applies.

This priceless gem is a beautiful and magnificent combination of strength, style and versatility.

It’s a must for those who only accept the best.

Casters available.

Product Dimensions

Overall Dimensions: 16.5" H x 54" W x 19.5" D

Middle Shelf has 3 possible shelf positions:

Option 1: Middle 4.5" H + Bottom 7.75" H (if no Glass Shelf, 13.5" H)

Option 2: Middle 6.0" H + Bottom 6.25" H (if no Glass Shelf, 13.5" H)

Option 3: Middle 7.5" H + Bottom 4.75" H (if no Glass Shelf, 13.5" H)

Glass Shelf 62.25" W x 16.0" D

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