TOA 30 Watt 2 Way 8 ohm / 70 Volt Bass Reflex Speaker with Bracket (BS1030B) each

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The BS-1030B is a small, 2-way bass-reflex type speaker featuring a wide frequency range suitable for use for announcements and music playback. The BS-1030B can be used for both high-impedance and low-impedance applications. The speaker's splash-proof construction permits it to be installed under the eaves where the speaker is not directly exposed to rain.


Clean, modern design

Featuring an elegant enclosure formed of gentle curving lines, the BS-1030's aesthetically pleasing design will suit virtually any installation's requirements. The virtually appealing BS-1030 is available in white (BS-1030W) or black (BS-1030B) enclosures.

Solid performance

The BS-1030 is a 2-way bass reflex speaker featuring a frequency response that has been carefully tailored to deliver good audio quality to suit general use such as speech and music. Even with its compact dimensions, the BS-1030 distinguishes itself with a wide frequency response from 80Hz up to 20,000Hz to capably handle most audio applications.

Simple switchover control for high or low impedance use

The BS-1030 has a nominal impedance of eight ohms and may be used in both high or low impedance applications. Rear panel-mounted rotary switches allow quick adjustments in five increments for respectively selecting low or high impedance 70V / 100V use.

Expanded installation options

The compact and versatile BS-1030 lends itself to many different apprecations as it is versatile enough to be installed virtually anywhere. Simple installations can be effected by mounting the speaker directly to a wall either vertically or horizontally using appropriate surface-to-mount screws. If the speaker needs to be adjusted, a supplied mounting bracket that allows considerable setting adjustment may be used. For more demanding situations, the speaker may be used in single or multiple unit configurations as requirements dictate. In keeping with its multi purpose sensibility, this speaker features a splash-proof construction allowing it to be employed to the elements. For additional placement options, the free-standing speaker stand may be utilized as desired. The BS-1030 is truly a universal speaker that suits any application anywhere at an attractive price point.


2-way bass-reflex type

Rated Input

30 W

Rated Impedance

8 Ω

100 V line

330 Ω (30 W), 500 Ω (20 W), 670 Ω (15 W), 1 kΩ (10 W), 2 kΩ (5 W)

70 V line

170 Ω (30 W), 250 Ω (20 W), 330 Ω (15 W), 500 Ω (10 W), 1 kΩ (5 W)

Sound Pressure Level

90 dB (1 W, 1 m)

Frequency Response

80 Hz - 20 kHz

Speaker Component

12 cm cone-type + dome-type

Speaker Cord

2-core cabtyre cord with diameter of 6 mm

Operating Temperature

-10 ℃ to +50 ℃

Water Protection

IPX4 (can be installed vertically or horizontally.*)


Enclosure: ABS resin, black (RAL9011 GRAPHITE BLACK), paint
Net: Surface treated steel plate, black (RAL9011 GRAPHITE BLACK), powder coating
Bracket: Surface treated steel plate, black equivalent to RAL9011 GRAPHITE BLACK, powder coating


196 (W) × 290 (H) × 150 (D) mm (unit only)


2.5 kg (unit only)


Bracket…1, Bracket mounting screw…2, Bracket mounting washer…2


Applicable bracket: WCB-13B, SP-410
Applicable stand: ST-16A

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