TOA Two-Way Line Array Slim Straight Speaker (SRS4L) each

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The SR-S4L is a two-way line array speaker ideal for long distance sound transmission and configures a line array by arranging speaker elements vertically close to each other. It can be converted into the bi-amplifier drive system by changing the internal connection. It can be used for high-impedance applications with the installation of the optional MT-S0601 Matching Transformer.

    TOA Type S Series Line Array Speakers provide optimal coverage and dispersion characteristics. Available in slim, tower-configured enclosures, these speakers also feature a wide range of mounting accessories to enable permanent installation in various venues. Type S Series are 2-way line array speakers that are vertically configured. Each configuration contains 32 speaker elements composed of eight 10cm woofers and 24 high frequency drivers which are positioned close together to create a continuous linear sound source. The speaker output therefore maintains a uniform sound pressure level that resists attenuation with distance. The SR-S4L/S4LWP speaker features a linear design tailored for distance sound transmission applications and the SR-S4S/ S4SWP features a gently curved line which offers ideal sound coverage over a shorter distance.

    Sync-Drive technology creates ideal linear sound source, ensuring more intelligibility with reduced attenuation over distance

    Line Array Type S are 2-way line array speakers, each containing 32 speaker elements - 8 x 10 cm LF and 24 HF drivers. Driver units are installed vertically and with minimal space between units in order to create a continuous linear sound source. This enables delivering a uniform sound pressure that resists attenuation with distance.

    Ideal for challenging environments

    The speaker enclosures are designed to minimize floorand ceiling reflections to maximize sound clarity even in reverberant spaces and other problem environments.

    Versatile speaker configuration possibilities

    SR-S4L/S4LWP is designed for long distance sound transmission, whilst SR-S4S/S4SWP is for short distance sound transmission. Stacking 2 or 3 speakers configures a longer linear sound source, permitting richer low-frequency sound reproduction as well as transmission of higher sound output over a longer distance.


    Bass-reflex type

    Power Handling Capacity

    Continuous program: 600 W (single-amp mode)
    Low: 240 W, High: 240 W (bi-amp mode)

    Rated Impedance

    8 Ω (single-amp mode)
    Low: 8 Ω, High: 8 Ω (bi-amp mode)


    94 dB (1 W, 1 m)

    Frequency Response

    70 - 20,000 Hz (when using DP-0206* (option))

    Crossover Frequency

    3,500 Hz

    Directivity Angle

    Horizontal: 90°, Vertical: 0° (Within the limits imposed by the height)

    Speaker Component

    Low frequency: 10 cm cone-type × 8
    High frequency: 2.5 cm balanced dome-type × 24

    Input Connector

    M5 screw terminal, distance between barriers: 12.2 mm
    and Neutrik NL4MP × 2


    Enclosure: MDF, white, paint
    Front grille: Punched steel plate, white, acrylic paint


    160 (W) × 895 (H) × 255 (D) mm


    16 kg


    Bi-amplifier drive rating label …1
    Bi-amplifier drive input indication label …1


    Matching transformer: MT-S0601
    Extension plate: SR-EP4
    Flying bracket: SR-FB4
    Wall tilt bracket: SR-TB4
    Stand adapter: SR-SA4
    Protection pad: SR-PP4
    Floor Stand: SR-FS4
    Digital Mixer: D-901
    Digital Mixing Processor Unit: D-2008SP

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