Wet Sounds SYN DX Series 6 Channel Class D Amplifier 125 Watt x 4 + 600 x 1, 4 Ohm (SYNDX6)

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Wet Sounds SYN-DX Series Marine Amplifiers are designed to be a complete solution for every type of extreme marine application. SYN-DX amplifiers use superior performance circuitry by utilizing Class D Power Supplies. These amplifiers have extreme power output packed inside a small chassis, thermal overload protection, flexible crossovers, extended inputs. SYN-DX amplifiers are a well balanced match for all of the Wet Sounds™ products.

Class G/H Monoblock  Microprocessor Controlled Thermal Overload
& Short Protection
SYN1 Class G/H Monoblock SYN1 Microprocessor SYN1 Thermal Overload & Short Protection  
Conformal Coated PCB Stainless Steel Hardware. Matched Power Ratings  
PCB SYN1 Stainless Steel Hardware. SYN1 Matched Power Ratings





Description Value
Stereo @ 4 Ohms (CH1-4) 125 x 4 watts RMS >1.0% THD
Stereo @ 2 Ohms (CH1-4) 200 x 4 watts RMS >1.0% THD
Mono @ 4 Ohms (CH1-4) 400 x 2 watts RMS >1.0% THD
Stereo @ 4 Ohms (CH5-6) 150 x 2 watts RMS >1.0% THD
Stereo @ 2 Ohms (CH5-6) 300 x 2 watts RMS >1.0% THD
Mono @ 4 Ohms (CH5-6) 600 x 1 watts RMS >1.0% THD
Frequency Response 20 Hz - 20 KHz
Crossover Range Low Pass 50 Hz - 250 KHz 12dB/Octave
Crossover Range High Pass 50 Hz - 250 KHz 12dB/Octave
Input Sensitivity 0.2 V - 6.0 V

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