JL Audio Media Master Wireless Remote Controller System (MMR10W)

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The wireless MMR-10W remote controller system lets you enjoy high-tech, hand-held control of your JL Audio MediaMaster®. It's rugged, reliable, and expandable, so it's a great choice for any boat.

Key fob controller

This key fob-style transmitter operates at an ultra-high frequency of 2.4 GHz, so you can control your music and your MM100s from up to 150 feet away. The sealed, water-resistant (IP67-rated) design floats, so it goes overboard, you have a chance to retrieve it. The large, raised buttons make it easy to control, though, so you should be okay.  A verification LED is built into the transmitter, so you'll get real-time, 2-way visual confirmation of broadcasted signals.

Hideaway receiver

The receiver module is compact and easy to install, and it connects directly to your MediaMaster®. It's  programmable, too, and you can add up to ten extra transmitters (sold separately).

Made for marine use

The transmitter and the receiver module are both made with UV and salt-water rated materials, so they'll stand up to the elements. A quick-release lanyard and mounting cradle are also included. The cradle can be installed on any flat surface or a tubular structure, such as a rail or a steering wheel.


Compatibility: The JL Audio MMR-10W wireless remote control system is designed specifically for JL Audio's MediaMaster MM100s or MM100s BE marine source unit (sold separately). The MMR-10W system consists of a hideaway receiver module and water-resistant (IP67 rated) remote transmitter. Utilizing state-of-the-art, wireless technology, the MMR-10W delivers the ultimate in handheld control functionality for the MediaMaster MM100S.

150' Wireless Range: Operating at an ultra-high frequency of 2.4 GHz, the MMR-10W's key-fob style transmitter and receiver module permit long-range, wireless control of the MM100s, from up to 150'  away.

UV/Salt-Water Resistant: Both the transmitter and receiver module of the MMR-10W wireless remote control system are constructed using UV and salt-water rated materials and built to withstand the outdoor elements.

Remote Transmitter: The MMR-10W transmitter features a sealed, water-resistant (IP67 rated) design, that floats and large, raised buttons for easy, on-the-move access. The MMR-10W's remote transmitter has been tested to withstand immersion in water, up to 1 meter (3.28') deep, for up to 30 minutes. While designed to be water resistant, the remote should never be submerged under water for prolonged periods or subjected to activity that creates pressure on it that exceeds its depth rating. The remote transmitter includes a replaceable CR2032 3V battery.

Note: Additional remote transmitters (13699912, sold separately) can be purchased and paired to the MMR-10W wireless remote control system (a total of ten can be wirelessly connected).

Hideaway Receiver: The hideaway receiver module is IP65-rated. It easily connects directly to the MediaMaster MM100S and is programmable, with the ability to add additional (up to ten) MMR-10W-Remote transmitters (sold separately). The receiver module is designed to connect directly to the 5-pin "Remote" plug of your MediaMaster MM100S. If space directly behind the MediaMaster MM100S is limited, you may use a JL Audio's 6' or 25' wired remote extension cable (13699914 / 13699905; both sold separately) to extend the receiver module's mounting options.

Note: While designed to be water resistant, the receiver should never be submerged under water.

Controls: The JL Audio MMR-10W provides the following controls over the MediaMaster MM100S marine source unit.

  • Power On/Off
  • Source Select
  • Volume Up/Down
  • Mute/Un-mute
  • Play/Pause (for USB & Bluetooth)
  • Track Up/Down (for USB & Bluetooth)
  • Track Fast-Forward/Rewind (for USB only)

LED Indicator: A verification LED is also integrated within the transmitter to provide real-time, visual confirmation (two-way) of wireless broadcasted control signals.

Lanyard & Mounting Cradle: For added convenience, a quick-release lanyard and mounting cradle are also included for the remote transmitter. The cradle's versatile design permits installation to any flat surface or a tubular structure, such as a pipe/rail or steering wheel.

Optional Wired Remote: Simultaneous connection of a MMR-10W and a MMR-20 wired remote controller (13699907, sold separately) to a MediaMaster MM100S source unit will require the use of a MMC-2Y remote connection Y-splitter cable (13699908, sold separately).


Remote Transmitter:

  • Width = 1.875"
  • Height = 2.8125"
  • Depth = 0.875"

Wireless Receiver:

  • Width = 4.0625"
  • Height = 1.5"
  • Depth = 3.75"
  • Cable Length = 16'/

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